Friday, February 01, 2008

What a fun day!!!

Cassidee and I enjoyed a good part of the day yesterday by ourselves. Jeremy had to go out for a little while, so we did quite a few fun things together.
Cassidee got a little impatient when I couldn't help her get some cereal right at that moment. So, she went to the pantry and got the cereal. She went to the cabinet and got a bowl. And, she began to get her own cereal.....

I looked down and wondered how she poured it.....but then I realized it was coming out one hand-full at a time!
Happy Cassidee with her bowl of cereal!
Uh oh, mommy! That's what I heard when I walked back out of my bedroom and into the kitchen. She kept asking me for milk---to which I kept saying "just a minute." Poor Cassidee and those silly footy pajamas! They were too slick, so she busted on the kitchen tile floor. Oh well, it made for some cute pictures!
Then, once we cleaned up the cheerios we decided to do a little painting. "Mink, mommy" (pink, mommy) That's our favorite color these days! (And, I have to add that just in this last week she has learned pink, yellow, black, and white) And, I also think it is weird that she won't ever say red. That seems like an easy color with a short name to learn, but she never will say it! Weird!
Proud of her "geeeen" painting!
Then, mommy thought we needed to take a walk. I had cleaned the kitchen and the bleach smell was giving me a headache. I asked her if she wanted to ride in the wagon to the park.....silly question. So, off we went in the 30 mph wind and stayed at the park for all of 7 minutes. She was cold, but she liked it.
Riding on the motorcycle. Her poor hands were FREEZING by this point!
Anyway, I hope that I don't get her sick from taking her out in that cold wind.....I really thought it was warmer than it really was!

And, to top off our night, Cass went to Nana and Poppy's house and Mommy and Daddy went to see a movie. 27 Dresses was good---I thought---and Jeremy even enjoyed himself and cracked up at a few parts! I'm glad he is a good sport to go to chick flicks with me!


The Blakes said...

I am laughing so hard! You and I had similar situations this week.

Anonymous said...

wow, at our house she helped me crochet and paint a shelf she really did have a busy busy day. love ya'll, nana

Christy said...

You're such a good mom. Oh the things we do for our only child. Then you add a couple of more and you start saying"well, at least you have someone to play with." And then you don't do the little stuff, b/c they make bigger messes now that there are multiples of you and your sweet husband. And I am exaggerating on the sweet husband thing.
Can't wait till the next one gets here for you all. Cassidy will have so much fun!!!

Robyn said...

My nightowl son is still awake, so so am I. So, we are blogging. Cassidee's just got a big girl look now--I know y'all are having lots of fun with her. Y'all and all the other pregant friends we have are sure in our prayers each day!