Saturday, February 09, 2008

Whew! We've been busy!!!

I am hoping that one day we will find time to sit at home and do nothing, but, for now, we are enjoying getting to "go and do" all the time!
I hate to start with this picture, but here goes! We've tried a few forms of "punishment" on Cassidee.....time out, spanking, go to your room......the one thing that seems to work is sticking her in the corner. And, most of the time she doesn't actually find the "corner" of the wall, but she puts her hands up like this and just leans on the wall crying. It's the one thing, for right now, that seems to hurt her feelings and she knows she's been a bad girl.
Mean mommy for taking a picture!

Cassidee got to go to her 2nd concert of her life last Saturday. We got free tickets to see the Doodlebops. Although she doesn't watch their show very much, she had tons of fun singing and dancing during the concert.
Thanks Scott, Rain, and Cal for the tickets!
Bye Bye, Mo!And, bye bye Trailblazer! :-( We sold my car this week (in hopes of purchasing something that gets lots better gas mileage), and I'm kinda sad still.....
The photographer in our family!
And then, our funnest time of all this week......
Cassidee got to ride on an airplane for the 2nd time in her life to go to Houston and see Jodi and Reagan! (Thanks Rach for the ticket)
Cassidee was GREAT!!!! I can't even say that enough since I was nervous taking her by myself. She had her own seat on the way there, and although we had to share a seat on the way back, she slept the whole way!
She LOVED the apple juice and pretzels snack on the plane!
I love her smile---so happy (and looks like such a big girl!)

Of course we have to match the girls as much as possible. So, when we got to the Beaver's house that night, Cassidee put on her purple jammies like Reagan was wearing!
Who doesn't wear sunglasses while brushing their teeth?
Jodi and I took C and R to the Houston Zoo. Although lots of it were under construction we had tons of fun and got to see lots of animals!

Eating lunch at the zoo is the best!

Playing on the benches
This picture is from March '07---the first time we took the girls to the zoo. They are sitting in an eagle's nest. They look soooo tiny!
And now look at them! Almost one year later and neither one would sit still or look at the camera!
Hi Mr. Frog!

That's not all the pictures from our trip, but Jodi has them on her camera.
All in all, fun and busy week!
We start swimming lessons today, so I know we'll have cute pictures to post of that soon.
For now, I'm going to take a nap!


Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

I love your punishment! She is just too cute standing in the corner. You'll find that you have to be creative and find what works to be successful in punishing! It looks like you had a fun trip to Houston. Cassidee looks like she's grown a lot - cute pictures at the zoo.

allyo said...

I love the picture of her standing in the corner. She is so cute!!

Heidi said...

Looks like you two had lots of fun...well, except for time out. I will keep that in mind...I am sure I will need it!

Jennifer said...

Cute pictures!! I like the ones of them in the eagles nest at the zoo!

amie said...

Did I ever get you that picture of her with her nose to the wall at my house?? If not, I am going to feel bad!! Love the pic of her on the plane!!!

amie said...
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