Thursday, January 31, 2008


We don't know if we are having a boy or girl yet.....
The first picture in the last post was from when we found out about Cassidee. I didn't think about it when I put it, and I just thought it was a cute picture of Jeremy.
So, we will definitely let you know when we find out what it is,
which could be February or March. :-)

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Christy said...

I thought that at first, but remembered it was too soon. Anyway, wanted you to know, on our daily school prayers, you and Hollee are in them. Katie always feel the need to let God know there are 3 babies in Hollee and only 1 in you. Think its funny. Also, if she isn't saying the prayer and we do a generic - please bless both of their pregnancies thing - she interupts the prayer so that we know how many are in each of you. Sounds like a contest every time and sounds like you loose. But you didn't obviously, b/c you got just what you both prayed for!!!! And that's enough!!!
And yes, we will have to get a headstand pic of everybody over at my house.