Sunday, January 13, 2008

A little bit of Christmas and a little bit more....

I'm just now getting some pictures off my camera that have a little bit of Christmas left on them. We did Jeremy's family Christmas the day after and my batteries died in my camera not long after we got there. I really wanted a picture of Cassidee in front of Becky's tree---oh well, next year.

Cassidee, of course, had a great time opening presents. I wish I had caught the look on her face when she walked in and saw her "big" present. She loves her new wagon and we can't wait until it's warm so we can take it to the park!

Cheese! She even opened the rest of her presents while sitting in the wagon.
Then we were off to my aunt's house to celebrate my Grandmother's 90th birthday. We got to see lots of cousins who live FAR AWAY now! Thank you to Lisa for doing Voo-Doo Chicken Feet, or whatever Glenn called it, on me. Evidently it says that I'm having 3 girls (not all at once.....just eventually) even though I'm convinced that's not right....
Lisa also did her voo-doo on my sister Kayla, with her fiance Camron watching anxiously. I wish I could remember what her "prediction" was from Madame boy and one girl?
She did it on Camron just to test the voo-doo. I think it worked---or he had an extra kid in there..... We'll have to watch Camron! :-)
Last week Jeremy, Cassidee, Jeremy's dad, and I got to travel to Shreveport for one night. We don't get to see Nanny and Big Daddy often enough, so this was a real treat for us! Cassidee loved the mirrors in their room!
Check out her forehead. She ran full-speed into a wall and slid down (something straight out of a cartoon)! She had a nasty wall burn on her head for a while.

Luckily it's gone with no trace of a scar!

Cass sitting with her daddy, Nanny, and Big Daddy!
She had tons of fun at their house. She found some matchbox cars and that was the toy of the day for her. She layed in the floor with her daddy and rolled them back and forth (and lined them up). She almost liked the cars as much as she liked getting cans of tomatoes out of Nanny's kitchen cabinet. I wish I had gotten a picture of that!

But, a big thank you to Nanny and Big Daddy for letting us stay with you one night, for letting us "tear up" your house, and for the boat. Oh yeah, if anyone wants to hit the lake this summer, we got an awesome boat from Nanny and Big Daddy!!! Thanks!

Cass woke up one morning with crusty crap coming out of her eyes. She got pink eye and we had a bit of trouble holding her down to put drops in her eyes. We thought we'd try bribing mom said that Cass could put drops in her eyes......that worked fine, but Cassidee still didn't like having them put in her own eyes. Luckily it's cleared and we're done with the drops!

She has a favorite toy at my parents house....a chalkboard easel. It's the one from when I was little!!! She tells everyone to "SIT" and we all draw on the chalkboard. I guess she got a little bored with the outside of it, cause she climbed under and drew on the inside.....whatever!

Another picture of the fun spot on her forehead and her cool rain boots/pajamas combo!

She always has sooo much fun when Grandaddy and Granmommy take her outside to play! Riding the tractor!

Cutie Patootie!

And, playing in the back of Grandaddy's truck.

And last, but certainly not least, here is a little bit more Broom Family news. I didn't realize that some people didn't know that we were pregnant. (Although they'll probably really be mad that everyone knows and they're finding out on my blog....) We've obviously known for a while, but wanted to make sure this one hung on tight for a while before spreading the news to everyone. This ultrasound picture was from my 7 week dr. visit, so you can probably make out our little blob somewhere in there.

Any prayers that are lifted up for our little bean in there would be great.

We're a little more paranoid this go around, although we try not to be, but we know that our baby is in good (God's) hands.

So, I'm sorry to Angie and Kimberly B. for not sending the memo your way!!! We'll have a play group at my house soon---will that make up for it? :-)


allyo said...

Yeah! I was wondering why you were doing the baby sex test in the pictures above if you weren't pregnant!?! We will be praying for you and sweet baby Broom #2. We need to get the girls together...I know they would have a blast!

Jay, Ally and Camden

SayrahB said...

Yeah! Tell Jeremy I'm anxiously awaiting for his "mini-me" to grace us all with his presence. We need more little Jeremys! I'm so excited for you both! Tell Cass hi for me! We miss you!

Paige said...

Well, if I would have known I would have said something today! Sorry! Congratulations! When does that put you due??? I bet Cassidee is excited!

Ashley said...

YaY for you! congratulations. I am so excited for you. Cassidee will be a great big sister!

Jennifer said...

I love Casidee's new wagon!! I think we need to get one of those. The pictures of her outside and on the tractor are too cute! Congrats on the pregnancy! When are you due?

Jodi said...

Great pics! Man, if you could quit beating your child in the head to where it leaves a mark, that would be nice! :)

Jennifer said...

Congrats!! I am thrilled for you and Jeremy! So fun. When is your due date?

Also, when did you go to nursing school? I bet you are the best school nurse!

amie said...

Your pregnant???!!! I think the baby looks just like you!! I am putting my vote in now that it will be a boy!!

The Blakes said...

I will forgive you for being left in the dark! Thanks for the tutoring session tonight! Yall are a blast! See you soon, lets meet at the park.

Being a Star said...

Congrats. GOD just keeps blessing us more and more. I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly.

tleaf10 said...

Congrats Kendra, Jeremy, and Cassidee! I hope everything goes smoothly!

Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

Congrats on the baby!! I am excited for you guys. By the way, I think we have decided on Destin, Florida.

Kimberly said...

I hope baby Broom #2 is as funny as Cass - that girl just cracks me up. We love ya'll!


Heidi said...

Congratulations, Kendra!! That is awesome! When is the due date?

Robyn said...

Wonderful news! We'll sure keep you in our prayers. As usual, loved the pictures! Y'all take care!