Friday, June 01, 2007

The only pictures Blogger would let me post.....

I guess I'm going to have to try and finish the post later. These 5 pictures are the very end of the original post I was going to do. I'll try to add more later and see if I can catch you up to this point......
Cassidee and I spent Wednesday and Thursday night at my parents house since Jeremy was working. Cassidee had a lot of fun playing in the sandbox, petting the dogs, walking down to the tank, and basically getting her way about anything she wanted! What else is new?!
Thursday night we walked down to the tank. My dad has a radio controlled boat that he drives around the tank---mostly to make the dogs go crazy!
-Cassidee inspected the boat to make sure it was water ready-
-Dad drives the boat out by the trees in the water-
-Cassidee decides she needs to help drive also-
-Granmommy and Cass-
-One last play in the sandbox before bath and bed-

I have more cute pictures---I'll try again with blogger later---for now, enjoy!

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