Monday, June 15, 2009

Catching Up & Camp Deer Run

Well, now that Cason is 11 months old, I thought I'd post his 10 month picture. I am 7 days late taking his 11 month picture. Life is starting to over-take me..... Oh well, here's my cute boy!
This is the face that I missed for a whole week!!!!
And now, onto the CDR pictures from our week at camp. I know that only the Deer Runners will appreciate some of them, but we had tons of fun introducing the greatness of camp to Cassidee!
Her first breakfast at camp!

She wanted to go and paint off to crafts we went!

We have since glued tons of beads onto that poor turtle!

True concentration with her tongue out!

Then she went for a drive with daddy. Camp has a golf cart now that we got to use most of the time. Thank goodness.....walking all around wears me out now!

The cooks gave her dessert before lunch one day. They scored some points with her!

Sidewalk chalk with the PeeWees!

And you have to ride a horse out at camp!

She looks so big to me here!

My almost fearless daughter had to check on the snake in Scarecrow's barn multiple times a day. She'd get right by the glass and just talk to it. Then we'd leave the barn and talk about how we don't touch snakes if we find one and that we run away and tell daddy. Hope she remembers the last part---I'm afraid she'd just pick it up!!!!

Coloring her CDR shirt with the PeeWees!

Canteen was always a hit. She enjoyed too many snacks while we were there!

Water balloon fight with the PeeWees on their water day!
(Yes, we did a lot of the PeeWee activities since they are only a year or so older than her)

PeeWee water slide. She really wasn't a fan.....

Getting married in "Holy Macaroni" to daddy!

Killi Creek......the new one, I guess.
I don't like this place as much as the place we used to go for Sadies. It's smaller and more crowded.....

Andy, Hoche group leader, carried Cassidee on his shoulders during a lot of the week. She didn't like all the splashing at first, so he held her.

(and, I'm recalling the nasty creek smell as we speak. I forgot how much your clothes take on that smell.....I'm going to run those clothes thru the wash one more time.....)

Our nurses cabin.
Complete with our own room, bed, bathroom, and A/C!!!!
We spent many afternoons in the cool with Madagascar on the DVD player.

Sadies cook-out night.
Cassidee found some camo bandaids and told everyone she was a doctor.
Then she proceeded to find any "boo-boo" on anyone and give them a bandaid.
Matt Wickes=first victim

Aunt Kelsey=victim with the most bandaids!

We stopped at each cook-out spot before we settled for one.
We snapped a picture with Addison before leaving Cheuk cook-out.

Daddy cooking her hot dog!

Looks like she is all set, huh?!

Swimming with Aunt Kelsey was a daily occurrance.

And, yes, swimming lessons worked because she can swim underwater.
(Although this day we had her alligator float, so you can't really tell.)

PeeWee cook-out.
It was drizzly and cool that day.

Camper/Staff ball game
Cass was infatuated with Batman and wanted to talk to him.

She was a little upset that I didn't pack her a costume, so we headed to the crafts hall for some paper and popsicle sticks. She became a bear in no time!

Watching the belly flops and not having to participate is wonderful!

Here she is with Andy again. He was giving out the Indian Day feather. We told her to walk up to the front and say, "Just give them the feather already!" (I always hated the eternal, never-ending Indian day stories) And she liked being up in front of everyone, waving to the crowd!

I actually took a picture of her by the CDR gate, but it's on my phone and I don't know how to put it on here. Every single time we came back in the gates she would say "Hi Camp Deer Run!" She was sooooo sad to leave. She is already ready to go back. I think Jeremy may volunteer for 2 weeks next summer!
(Oh, Jeremy volunteer as the "nurse" for them, for those of you wondering why we went...)


Cheryl said...

Looks like Cassidee had tons of fun! Maybe she will meet her husband there in a few years.

Anonymous said...

im glad yall are home.
Cass looks like such a big girl and Cason too. Its great to be able to volunteer and have fun at the same time. love nana

cassi rash said...

How fun! Do you know that I still have yet to go out to camp? Marty and I always say we're going to make it out there when we're down and never seem to.

Jodi said...

OH my goodness, I am SO JEALOUS! Looks like SO much fun... wish we could have gone with you!!! Would they take me as a nurse?!?! All I know how to do are cathedars.... probably not.

The Campbell Family said...

"Holy Macaroni" is the best thing I've heard all week! And I love the pics of her with Andy, he has been so great with Riley, even when he was younger than Cass! I really enjoyed seeing all the CDR pics - it's such a great place, we can't wait to send Riley!

Becky Lynch said...

That is so awesome that you got to introduce her to camp already! Those are honestly some of my best memories. I could not wait for camp every year! I excited just thinking about my girls getting to go one day! I know that will always be a great memory for you guys.

Life as a Spencer! said...

So jealous you got to be there for a week! So sweet that the tradition continues!