Thursday, June 15, 2006

We're on a roll....

Jeremy thinks it is more of a flop, but Cassidee actually rolled over for the first time yesterday! (tummy to back) As mentioned, she is not a big fan of laying on her tummy. I put her in her crib and put a mirror in front of her. She actually cracks up for a while and tries to grab the mirror. I think in the middle of one of her grabs was when she lost her balance and rolled over. She had a completely shocked look on her face, but when I put her up on her tummy again she rolled over again. Jeremy thought it was just a flop because she would land on her side and just lay there. Then he saw how she could keep turning and end up on her back. I guess by the time she is rolling from back to tummy I will really need to do something about my floors. Yesterday I walked by a quarter and a penny sitting on the floor by the couch. I didn't think anything of it....we'll go get them next time we need change! But I guess I'll have to be more aware with a baby rolling around. Hopefully I'll have a month or so to get my act together!!!

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