Friday, September 21, 2007

As Promised....Here's Some Pictures.....

A couple of weeks ago Aunt Kelsey came home from college.
We met her for lunch at Yesterday's in Decatur.
Silly Picture!

We stayed at Granmommy's and Grandaddy's that weekend. Cass and my dad have some "thing" they do where they play in his desk. I don't know what all goes on, but Cass loves it.

Then it's time to put on a hat and go outside to talk to the "kids."

(most people, except my mom, call them "dogs")

We ended up washing my car.....I got a lot of help from Cassidee!

She actually did a really good job!

Then, since she was soaking wet, we stripped her down and she played inside the car.

(Not for long since I didn't want pee in my seat.....)

Another day of Cassidee picking out her own clothes and shoes.

Check out my boots!
She is loving to play with mine and Jeremy's shoes these days, also.

She walks pretty good in high heels!
She and Daddy had fun playing with some garage sale stickers!
They do kinda hurt when you take them off!
She had a bowl of shredded cheese last night. What???? She picked it.

Anyway, she never realized that she still had a yellow sticker on her head.

She also enjoyed a bowl of jello.
And it was so yummy she had to lick the bowl to get every last bite!


Jodi said...

Ok, that video is hilarious! Some people may frown upon the fact that you have a video of a naked baby that is being instructed to "stand up and dance" for you... but I thought it was great! :) She is too funny!

Blessed Assurances said...

I love the video! She is too cute, love that little pot belly. Now... please don't post a naked picture of her when she is sixteen and driving around town naked. Oh can you imagine it?!

Anyways, I am being funny. She is adorable!

*Kendra* said...

In case you are wondering what they are talking about: I removed the video.....

Rachel said...

Cute, but very scandalous. I saw the video before you removed it. She will kill you someday. Love all the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I hope I get to see her video; I feel like I really missed something special. Love the pictures though she is a living doll. Love Granny Barbie