Sunday, December 16, 2007

9 days till Christmas!

Have you been as busy as we have? It feels like we are never at home, and this week is looking to be as busy as last week! Oh well, I love this time of year!
To catch up on a few events at our house:
Cass and I spent the night at my parents house one night last week when Jeremy was out of town. They have a "Clip-Clop" at their house which Cassidee loves to ride. Luckily she hasn't gotten bucked off!!!

Opening an early Christmas present from BFF Reagan....

Oh cool! (That's really what she said....)

I love Winnie the Pooh!

Jeremy, Cass, and I went to Paris last weekend for one night. It was too short of a visit, but we're glad Jeremy got to come this time. He was needing a day with some boys outside of the city. He and Cassidee had SO MUCH FUN on the dock at Jay and Gay's house. They fed the fish, layed on their tummies and watched the fish, made mommy really nervous by how close they were to the edge.....

Little Miss Thing---probably walking back to the dock to see the fish again!

Love this picture of them.....

I need some of these chairs at my house....

So cute!

Cassidee painted some wooden ornaments last week. She didn't follow mommy's directions very well about one color at a time, but her ornaments still look beautiful!

She just kept looking at me and saying, "Boo......geeeen........ed......." (Blue, green, red.....)

Her friend and "almost cousin" Cal came over for dinner and a Christmas present exchange last week. They are close in age and have a lot of fun playing together.

Cassidee couldn't wait to open her present from him. We kept telling her to take the bow off.....

.....but she thought we meant the bow on her head. We had to clarify quickly!

Cal loved his remote-controlled tractor.

Cassidee loved her new baby doll and bottles.

And Cassidee's favorite toy was Cal's race cars and race track. She cried when they took it home. FYI--if you're getting Cass a Christmas present, look in the boy section at the store for something that she'd like! :)


Jodi said...

I'm glad she loved her present! Those pics from Jay and Gay's are great... they look so sweet together!!! Miss you guys! See you soon!!!!

amie said...

Love that she got her "bows" confused!!