Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I hate December 26th!

My house is a wreck!

There is left-over food EVERYWHERE!

The tree is bare underneath!

There are no more Christmas songs on the radio.

Oh, and did I mention that my house is a WRECK!!! It's like Santa drove his sleigh straight through the front door and out the back door and knocked everything over in the process.


I love that my house is a wreck. I love that all the presents are open. I love that there is food to munch on for the next week.......because.........I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! I love waking up on Christmas and wondering what is going to come out of all the wrapped boxes under the tree. I love to see people's faces light up when you get them a great gift. I love eating a huge breakfast and then an even bigger lunch just a couple of hours later. I love that my entire family stays long into the night to play dumb Scene It games together. I love that my dad always comes up with a "game" for the kids and that there are always "prizes" for the winners. I love that my mom gets us presents from Mama and Papa, stuff that Mama would get us, even though we haven't had Mama or Papa at our Christmas for about 10 years now. I love that mydaughter discovered Christmas and how much fun it was for her this year! I loved to hear her say "wow" over and over this year. I loved it that she didn't want to open another present until she had sufficiently "played with" the previous present she had opened. I love that it doesn't matter that my house is a complete wreck because that means we had a GREAT CHRISTMAS!!!!


Now, if you've actually read all of that, you deserve to see some pictures to go along with it!

Cassidee and I went to visit Jeremy up at the fire station on Christmas Eve. He had to work that day, so we got to go eat lunch with him, the other firemen, and their families. Cassidee took an early Christmas present to Jeremy.

He's reading the paper that came with it.....

...and looking at it together. Cassidee went to Build-A-Bear and got Jeremy a dalmation puppy dog and dressed it in fireman gear. I recorded her voice and so you can push it to hear Cassidee talk. She said, "Daddy....I love you." That way he can hear her voice even when he's at work!

We always have a big Christmas Eve hoop-la and have everyone over to the house. Mom makes tons of food and we just graze on tamales, queso, pigs-in-a-blanket, and desserts all day. We were sad Jeremy had to work, but we had lots of company to keep us occupied until he got home! Cassidee even got to open a few Christmas presents from her friends!

Aunt Kay-Kay and Camron got her a cool Princess castle tent. Here she is opening it. For some reason I don't have a picture of it yet, but I'll get one soon. She LOVES going in and out of it!

And, thank you to Barbie for the cute Cabbage Patch baby. Cassidee loves to feed her baby and push her around in the new stroller she got from Santa!

Feeding the baby.

Burping the baby!

She decided to sit and the big table and talk to the grown-ups for a minute!

And then it was Christmas morning......

We had to keep Cass upstairs until Jeremy got home from work. When she got down stairs to see what Santa brought her, she was very excited! She got a new kitchen set, and boy, that thing has cooler stuff in it than my kitchen!!! She didn't want to stop and eat breakfast, so, since she was just eating biscuits, she would just come get some and take it back to her kitchen to eat! She cooked all morning!!!

Christmas afternoon/evening we opened presents with my family.

Another present from Kay-Kay. What is it????

A vacuum cleaner....that really sucks stuff up. Check out the shoes she's cleaning in!!!

You gotta sparkle while you clean! Jeremy had a good Christmas. I think some of his presents included lots of gift cards, a new watch, a new jacket, and this cool stone from Kayla and Camron. It is for your flower bed and it says, "A fireman lives here with the flame of his life." Ha Ha Ha!
Granmommy got some cool rain boots to wear to school or down to the tank with Cassidee.
And, Cassidee got some too! Don't they both look so cute! (Good thing mom was wearing more than Cass was!)

Cassidee also got a "camera" for Christmas. She loved walking around saying "Daddy....cheese", "Mommy....cheese", "Choo-Choo......cheese." Yup, she even asked the seat belt in her high chair to smile for the camera!!! :)

Here's daddy and Cass playing with her Little People Farm. She likes sticking all the animals in the silo. I think we'll wait a few years to get her a telling where she'd stick it! :)
Ugh! I'm off to clean up my kitchen---or atleast take out some of the trash!

And, just in case you were wondering, yes, my birthday is less than 24 hours away. Remember, don't wrap any of my presents in Christmas paper.....

I know, I'm a brat!


amie said...

Loved this post!! Happy Birthday!!! I do not think you are bratty for not wanting your b-day gifts in regular's only fair!! Loved the rain boots and the diapper!

Rachel said...

How 'bout I just don't get you a gift? Problem solved. Merry Birthday anyway!

Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

Happy birthday - I feel sorry for people who has their b-day so close to X-mas. It's so hard to buy for people in that situation too. Haleigh's birthday is three weeks after Christmas, and that is hard! I hope your birthday was as great as your Christmas.

mrs. mayo said...

Hey stranger! I just found your blog through Amanda's. It was so fun to read and catch up with you! Your daughter is beautiful! I'm glad everything is going good with you guys!

Robyn said...

I agree--all the mess and rearranging to do after Christmas to do is just a small price to pay for all the fun. Sure enjoyed your Christmas pictures--y'all take care!