Saturday, October 24, 2009

More Cruise Pictures....

At the end of September Jeremy and I got to go on a cruise. Partly for our 5 year anniversary and partly to help some travel agent friends of ours, Dave and Julie (Dave is a firefighter with Jeremy too). They had a big group on board with a country music artist who was performing during the cruise. If you are a fan of country music, I highly recommend Sonny Burgess. I hadn't really heard of him before the trip, but we are fans now!
Here we are....tiny little ants up next to the ship!

A lady took our picture on the first night because the sunset was amazing......

Luckily she took two!

I have been on 5 cruises, but I still look forward to the towel animals every night!

On our first day at sea I woke up earlier than Jeremy. I went and parked it in a chair on deck and ate my breakfast! By the end of the trip these legs weren't looking so white anymore!

Like I said, we were "helping" with the group on board and Jeremy became a bouncer at the door of a club when Sonny did a private performance.

Here he is---Sonny Burgess. Such a great guy!

And, oddly enough, Jeremy won a guitar that they raffled off during his concert. Of course we got it autographed.

Sonny and Jeremy and his new guitar!

First port:
(Not my favorite out of all the places we've been....but still beautiful)

We took a tour with Dave and Julie to YS Falls. It was 2 hours from our port, but worth the drive. Very, very pretty!

Guides take you into the water and take your digital camera with them. I kept tripping and falling over. I was just hoping he wasn't going to do that and drop my camera. He didn't, and he got some great pictures of us in the falls.

We jumped off the falls at the end. I'll spare you my jump, but here's Jeremy's!

That night at dinner we looked kinda dorky....
Why didn't we notice we were dressed like that before we left our room???

Port #2:
Grand Cayman
(most beautiful and one of my all-time favorites!)

You've seen the pictures of us swimming with the sting rays.....
We also:
Took dumb pictures of Jeremy and Dave.

Rode the slide at Margaritaville!

And did tequila shots......I only have proof of Jeremy doing it.

Port #3:
(been there a dozen times, but I still love it!)
It's just a great "beachy" place!

Sonny did a concert on the beach. We got a picture with his whole band.

And this is Sonny and his wife with us.

The final song of all of Sonny's concerts is The Doobie Brothers, "Listen to the Music." Billy McCoy called Jeremy up to sing with him during that song. I took about 20 pictures of Jeremy up there with them. It was just a cool moment....

In Cozumel, after the beach concert, we walked around the pier and did some shopping and ate lunch. We ate at Three Amigos since that is one of Jeremy's favorite movies ever.

And here is us all tan (kinda fried) on our last evening on the boat.

Another big "shout out" to my MIL Becky for keeping the kids that whole week. We surely did appreciate it. And, since we are going on that cruise again in April with more friends, thanks in advance, Becky, for keeping our kids then too! :)

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High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

Yeah for a getaway! I love the pictures of the pretty! I would have been WAY nervous about anyone taking my camera, let alone walking into the falls! Looks like such a fun trip. I'm still trying to talk Marty into a beach vacation. He's a hard sell!