Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Day and More....

We spent Memorial Day with the Way's and went to Dinosaur Valley State Park. The kids thought the dinosaurs were pretty cool, but they had the most fun playing in the water.
Here's our little family.

Cason prefers shallow to no water and spent the majority of the time collecting rocks....

....looking at the rocks....

....and then throwing the rocks!

Cass is my water baby. She didn't come out until it was time to go!

Daddy making Cason get in some water!

Having fun with Daddy!

Cason enjoyed himself once he was used to it....and knew we weren't going to let go of him!

Way Fam minus E!



And we knew our trip had come to an end when Amie's flip flops broke. I bought them for her for $3 at Sam Moon....I'm shocked they lasted as long as they did!!!
We also had a fun time recently at the Ford's birthday party. Cass loved all the farm animals that there were to hold, feed, pet, love on, etc.
Here are her two favorite chicks.

And she did countless pony rides!

Cason, however, played in the sandbox.
Big weeney!

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