Saturday, August 26, 2006

New tricks I learned...

I learned how to do this selective colorization thing on our computer and now I'm completely obsessed with it. Jeremy says I'm overdoing it a bit, but I think it is so fun to turn a picture black and white and then add a little color back toit. Here are a couple of my first tries at it. Hopefully with time I'll get a little more creative!


allyo said...

These pictures are adorable! You will have to let me in on the secret when Camden arrives. Cassidy is so cute...we can't wait to introduce Camden to her. Hope all is well.

Ally & Jay O

Anonymous said...

thanks for the new background colors. grandaddy can now read everything. i don't know if grandaddy has 3 d's or 4 d's. i guess 3 is less work.
cassidee really likes missy. i'm thinking that missy would make a really good 6 mos. old present for cassidee.