Sunday, August 20, 2006

What a Fun/Busy Weekend!!!

Cassidee is very excited that her Aunt Kelsey is home from Camp Deer Run. She sure did miss her all summer. Kelsey came over on Saturday and played all day. They had fun reading books and playing on the floor!

Saturday night we went to a wedding shower. It was fun to see lots of friends. When the shower part was over a lot of people decided to get in the pool. Cassidee didn't have her suit, but we stripped her down
and she had fun splashing her feet.
**Just for the record, we took her diaper off and Clay Spencer
took her out in the water...
now she can't deny that she has gone skinny dippin'!!**

More fun with the book...blogger put the pictures out of order.....We also ate at Fuddruckers with some friends. Cassidee was highly entertained in the arcade. With the help of her bumbo seat she could almost reach the steering wheel.
Hmmm, this game looks fun....

Where did everyone go??

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Blessed Assurances said...

Kendra-she gets sweeter everyday! Glad you had a great time!