Friday, July 20, 2007

Such A Fun Party!

We had great fun at Reagan's Birthday Party last Saturday! I can't believe that girl is one! (I can't even believe my own girl is one.....) Cass was ready to party from the moment we got up. She even had some power-packed nacho cheese doritos for breakfast. I guess she enjoyed them at 8 o'clock in the morning---I thought it was pretty gross! Having Reagan's party at a waterpark was a great idea. Every kid had a blast! We are so glad the weather cooperated and it was a great day!
Cassidee stayed on these steps for a good part of the time we were there!
Daddy and Cass after she fell off the steps and dunked herself!
Daddy and Cass

SOOOO Cute! Reagan had on a precious little watermelon suit.

Reagan and Cass played with some of her new birthday toys. They didn't care so much for the leis we put around their necks.

Cool new shades in Cassidee's goody bag!

Ha, Ha, I'm so funny!
Oh, and as I've previously mentioned, my sister Kayla is engaged. Her is a pic of her beautiful ring. I can't wait till March.....


Jodi said...

Wow... those are some cute little girls!! :) And a gorgeous ring Kayla!

Anonymous said...

precious precious children and a great big congrats to Kayla and Cameron.We are so excited for them! Love ya'll Nana B

Anonymous said...

Kendra, Cassidee is absolutely adorable! Just in case you didn't already know that! :) Miss yall,
Bethany Skinner