Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Whole, Whole, Whole Lotta Stuff!

*Warning, this will be quite a long post. I haven't had much time to post anything in the last two weeks, or so, and we've been lots of places!!! If you can make it all the way to the end you'll see pictures from around our house, July 4th, the zoo, and our week at Camp Deer Run!
I think it's funny when kids get stuck on "something" for a little while. That "something" can be so random at times. Cassidee's "something" was her hat she wears when she goes swimming. She woke up one morning, saw it on the table, wanted to wear it, and didn't take it off for an hour or so.....
Trying to sit in her Bumbo seat--- that she hasn't sat in or cared about for 3 or 4 months.....
She even ate breakfast while wearing her hat!
Jeremy and I took Cassidee to the zoo one day. She can make just about every animal noise--and if she doesn't know what it makes she just growls! Here, she and daddy are checking out the monkeys!
I loved how she squatted down like this to look at the ducks.

Cracking up at those silly birds!
She enjoyed pressing the button that made the pig snort--Cassidee is an excellent pig snorter herself!
Cassidee knows exactly what to do when you say "Cheese!"
Notice they are all wet? Yup, we got caught in a fast moving storm. Luckily we stayed inside during most of the rain and didn't get toooooo soaking wet walking to the car!

This is the only picture I have of Cassidee on July 4th, and even it is fuzzy for some reason. We had a wonderful 4th---hamburgers with my parents and Jeremy's parents at our house. A trip to the Dump in Dallas and IKEA in Frisco. We finished off the night with fireworks in Lewisville. Aren't her two piggies on top sooooo cute!!!????
Finally, the CDR pictures. For those of you who don't know, Jeremy volunteered a week out there to be the camp nurse. He had to learn to be a little more sympathetic than he would normally be at work---especially to the little kids who had tummy aches or hurt legs. The only major injury of the week was a group leader going to the ER for stitches in his eye after an Indian Day mishap in the creek. We had sooo much fun!

Here is Jeremy and Cassidee on her very first morning to wake up at CDR. She is wondering what that annoying bell that woke her up is......

Getting "crafty" with her Aunt Kelsey! Yup, we carried that paci with us most of the day..... Oh, and notice her boyish looking jersey? We tried to find her clothes for each themed day out there. Monday was Killi Olympics. Her jersey might have been more appropriate for International Sports Day, but oh well!
Playing with the Pee-Wee Puppets with Daddy and Ty. I think Cassidee made a new friend in Ty that week!
Andy is pushing her in her stroller.....they stop and chat with Uncle Spencer.
We ventured up to horse hill. I wanted a picture of her on one, but she wasn't having any of that.
Daddy and Cass on Sadie Hawkins Day. She gave him a ruler that she painted on for him. It said, "No Sadies date will ever measure up to my daddy." So sweet!Cassidee is enjoying a popcicle with Aunt Kelsey and Rachel Neal. Good thing she is wearing her swim suit. She got a little messy so we sent her back down to the pool to wash off!
But at the pool Cassidee had more fun moving the campers shoes to different places!
Notice her camo for Capture the Flag Day? :)
She and Daddy rode the 4-wheeler a few times.
Roselyn and Rachel came to visit us for Wednesday night church---sorry Rach, you didn't even get to go to church......

I LOVE this picture. Roselyn looks completely disgusted at the fact that Cassidee may give her a kiss!!! Roselyn should be happy that Cassidee is still talking to her after the Sunday incident. Check out Rachel's blog for Cassidee and Roselyn's last encounter at camp!!!

Cassidee helped Kelsey's cabin sweet the pavilion one day!

And, Cassidee's name is officially in the Rec Hall now. She painted it herself and I added her name and the date later.

And she really didn't paint over anyone's name in the process---I don't think....
Oops, bad idea.....she decided to taste the paint that got on her hand.....YUCK!

Enjoying a little canteen break!

Hamming it up for the crowd outside the Crafts Hall! Ha, Ha, look at me! I'm not being modest at camp!!!!

Thursday night's BBQ on a bun wasn't cutting it for C, so she had ramen noodles in a boat instead!

Walking around the Rec Hall during the boring Indian Day stories!

"You want me to take your canteen order?"

"Okay, here is your order!"

Cheukawaka dance party on the canteen porch. Cassidee can break it down with the best of them!

Thanks for sticking with all the pictures to this point. We're home and trying to recover from our week. We have sweet Reagan's b-day party this afternoon, so I"m sure I'll have tons more pictures to post pretty soon!!!


Ashley said...

I am so glad to see that you guys had a good week. I am sorry this summer has been a roller coaster. Cass is so cute and so big! I hope to meet her soon! (we have the same pink jeep stroller and love it!)

Linda said...

I love these pictures from Deer Run. It looks like she had so much fun!!!


Jodi said...

I am so jealous of your CDR week! And after that long post, I know why you were late to the party!! :)

Jennifer said...

Cass is getting so big! It looks like you had A LOT of fun. What fun memories!!

Rachel said...

GREAT new pictures! Esp. the camp ones. Maybe Roselyn will be a little sweeter next time they're together. I've been giving her lots of lectures about it. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Mary said...

Looks like you had a great time at camp! How fun for y'all to share everything with Cassidee!