Friday, October 31, 2008

Funival and other fun stuff!

Happy Halloween!!!
Just to throw everyone off I'll start with an OLD picture of Cassidee.....(old being 2 1/2 years ago!) People have asked if Cass and Cason look alike. My answer is always "yes and no." Probably not much of an answer for those who ask. But, I have always loved that both of them smile with their entire face. If they are happy, you know it. Big, wide open mouth smile, bright eyes, and some squealing most of the time. So, here are a couple of similar pictures of the two of them. I think she totally looks like a girl and he totally looks like a boy, but I think they favor each other pretty well....
Cassidee at 2 1/2 months....

Cason at 3 months....
Saturday night was our church Funival. We were bummed that Jeremy was working that night and he is also working tonight---Halloween----so he isn't going to get to play the game with Cassidee. He asked her to save him some candy.....we'll see!

Ring toss


Cookie decorating....her favorite!

Look at her studying the lollipop tree. I had to let 2 kids go in front of her. That's a big decision for such a little girl!

After we came home from the Funival Cassidee got to carve a pumpkin with Grandaddy.
(Her first time to do this!)

It took a good bit of convincing on our parts to get her to stick her hand inside....
I don't blame her!

Checking out the finished product

All lit up on the front porch!

Then we told her to blow out the candle inside. She had to sing Happy Birthday to the Jack-O-Lantern. Duh, you always sing before you blow out the candles! :) Silly girl!

The men in my life! Cason's already perfected the serious stare!
Little pouty puppy!
She is loving braids these days! Just wait till I get a picture of her pig tail braids! Why do they get so big so fast????
Thursday morning in my house yesterday......
Thursday night in my house.......
Micky Mouse Clubhouse and the Mavericks.....we are making sure Cason is well-rounded!


jennifer said...

Looks like a fun Halloween!! Isn't it fun to look back at pictures? I think the Cason and Cassidee look alike in the mouth area! And I can't believe her hair is long enough for a braided ponytail. Too cute!

The Blakes said...

I LOVE looking at all the Halloween pictures through the years. They are GREAT! CUTE kids!

Amber said...

Kendra...I LOVE that baby outfit that you got for Kirkley. I put her in it this morning and it looks like it was made for her. I'm keeping the one Alicia got her too, that's how good she looks in it. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!