Thursday, October 16, 2008

Prom King, 3 months, Park Play, and P's Party!

I'm calling out my husband! If you see him, tell him congratulations for being Richland High School's 1998 Southern Beau (which I was told is the equivalent of Prom King). This all got brought back up at his 10 year high school reunion a couple of weeks ago. It may not have been super fun for me, since I only knew 2 or 3 people other than Jeremy, but it was a fun date night for the two of us!

Here are his two best friends from high school that he still talks to....and by talks to I mean, I call occasionally to have a dinner get-together....but, they are great girls! And, congrats to Cheryl (on the right) who just found out she is having a baby GIRL in March!
The entrance to the place we had dinner at the reunion.....that was Jeremy's yard sign from his high school football playing days!
Last week Cason turned 3 months old! Big boy!
Cute smirk....we couldn't get the big smile out of him!
We got the big smile later that night as we were changing his diaper!
Crazy girl thought she needed to wear one of his bibs.
Chillaxin' at the park one day when I felt like being adverturous.....I took both of them by myself. No, I don't have a double stroller (I do now!), so he was in the front pack and she was in the stroller. Not as easy as it sounds.....and no, he doesn't match.....
An easy way for me to get Cassidee to eat more and eat more healthy.....put each thing in an individual cup in a muffin tray. Keeps everything apart so they don't touch and she gets lots of variety. Don't remember where I saw it, but it is working for us, so far!
Happy lil Horns cheerleader!
Woo Hoo! We beat OU!

Having fun painting at Presley's 3rd birthday party!
At the pumpkin painting table!
Licking the top of her cup cake!
They got to decorate their own cup cake, so she is putting on a little (LOT) of pink icing!

Tasting the yellow, I didn't let anyone else use it after her.

Then I look up and everyone is gone....except my child. She wasn't finished eating her cup cake, so she missed out on one of the games everyone else played! Silly girl!
One of her new favorite things: using a lint roller.....
Daddy and his girl!
Mommy and her little man before church!

Happy Fall Yall! Enjoy this cooler weather!


Bunch of Oranges said...

ok lint roller is LOL! I love the muffin pan idea! Noah hates his food touching too!!!!!!! But he and me :) LOVE variety! I might just try it!! :) Great idea! Now... find me a spiderman one and I will be set! Ha!

SayrahB said...

don't knock the southern beau thing! that's my claim to fame that i went to prom with him. i'm so glad you came with us. lord knows i wouldn't have had anyone to make fun of people with without you!

Jodi said...

Great pics... every single one! Man, we sure miss you guys!