Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Things don't seem to be slowing down much around here, and probably won't until summer time. Here is proof---after school last week the kids were playing. Cass usually gets tired of Cason's constant tagging and tackling so she decided to hide behind the pillows on my bed. She must have sat there too long because she fell asleep. It was too funny and she was crashed out hard!!

These two goofy kids always like to play with Nana's glasses!

We had an Easter party and egg hunt at church. Cason was a pro egg hunter after having done it at his school party!

He decided to pick up the ones of the colors he liked best!

Putting stickers on his picture in the crafts station.

I love how opposite my kids are-- Cassidee always has plenty of space between her stickers, but Cason is a stacker!

Silly boy with friend "T"

I snuck back out to watch Cass egg hunt. She didn't care about colors, she picked up all of the eggs on the playground equipment!

Her hair flying behind her cause she's running so fast!! :)

Pretty girl with her full basket!

Story time with Mr Charlie

And play time in the big room!

Serious crafty face with her tongue sticking out!

Snack time!

Conked out on the way home after a really, really long day!

Easter morning after hunting eggs the bunny left in the playroom! Cason has perfected his serious face when I pull out the camera. I'm not a fan!

Sweet siblings in their Easter clothes!

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