Monday, September 25, 2006

She's 6 months already?!

I can't believe Cassidee is already 6 months old! Seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital! It's amazing to see what all she has learned how to do in the last 6 months. She sits on her own, plays and keeps herself occupied (for a little while), tries to crawl, "talks" to everyone around her, and wants to stand up and hold on to things. Time has flown by!

She loves the ducky water mat!

She's already scholarly--reading her Elmo book!
Sitting by herself, looking at her cups!

Happy half birthday, Cassidee! We love you!


Jodi said...

She is such a big girl! Happy half birthday from us too Cassidee! We love you!

Ashley Nelson said...

Awww, Happy Half Birhtday! Time sure is flying, big girl!

Anonymous said...

grandaddy says happy 0.5 birthday Cassidee! but he's too lazy to get a user name and password, so he will remain anonymous.