Sunday, September 17, 2006

What a fun weekend!

Let me start with a little background story about this photo. No, it's not a recent shot. This was taken back at the end of January. This was at my baby shower for Cassidee. Jodi was a couple of months pregnant there also. The four of us took a "normal" picture together, but then thought it would be funny if all of us poked out our tummies like we were pregnant. (some of us didn't have to try to poke it out...) Anyway, a few weeks later we found out that in that picture Rachel really was pregnant. (Lindsay is she says...) So....

Now, I have had Cassidee, Jodi has had Reagan, and we are waiting on Rachel to have Roselyn. This picture was taken last weekend at Clint and Rachel's baby shower. It's going to be fun to get one of all three girls (in person) soon!

Cassidee was wearing her Texas Longhorn outfit that night as Texas played Ohio State in hopes of getting a victory. Instead all she got was crabby towards the end of the night. She parties hard and then needs a nap! (Poor Clay, he tried to cheer her up)


Ashley Nelson said...

Awww...some of my favorite people! I love it!

Rachel looks beautiful!

When will there be a little Legler?

Kimberly said...

Babies are such a nice way to start people. :)

Tell Cassidee that I would trade her peas for squash but squash makes me literally barf and my Mom doesn't like cleaning up barf. Come over and play sometime.

Love, Presley

Jodi said...

So weird to see that progression of pics! Love it! Think Legs will jump on the bandwagon sometime soon?!?! I can't wait for all of our Mother-Daughter trips and shopping sprees!

Jodi said...

Obviously Cassidee was upset about the UT loss!! There is no point in trying to cheer up that emotion!

Paige said...

I was so sad that I had to miss the I am glad to see a prego picture of Rachel..and Jodi! I didn't know she blogged. Your baby is SO cute, mine just a few months ahead yours I LOVE remembering the different stages.