Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cassidee's first day of "school" and our lake trip!

Cassidee is doing a little Mother's Day Out program once a week up at our church. She's never gone to any kind of day care or pre-school, so this was a new thing for both of us. I figure that if she likes it well enough one day a week this summer then she may love it two days a week in the fall....we'll see!
Anyway, she looked like a big girl to me that morning with her piggies in her hair and her new backpack.
Too bad the next two pictures are what I got when I asked her if I could take her picture......

Maybe she wasn't quite awake yet.....
Anyway, I got a cute one once we got to school.

I was lookin' kinda rough that morning, but here is a pic of Cass and mommy.

Walking to class......(thanks to my mom, by the way, for coming and taking pictures too.)

Uh oh, not a great start. It was a little hard to kiss her and walk away while she was crying, but I know it was just "new place jitters" for her. I was told she dried her tears quickly and had a really fun day! On to our lake trip......

Cassidee and I were lucky to get to go with Jeremy's mom down to his grandparents house for a couple of days. They live on the lake so that usually means lots of fun in the sun on the boat, jet skies, and just hanging out eating good food. Unfortunately Jeremy didn't get to go with us since he had to work, and we didn't get to stay very long, so it was more of a relaxing couple of days than busy on the water sports.

Miss Priss is ready to head out on the boat!

Cassidee and Nana

Looking at the water!

Lucky girl!

Memaw and Grandad got Cassidee a doll.

Luckily they also had a rocking chair so she could rock her baby!

I'm sad I didn't get a picture of Cassidee with Jeremy's grandparents. I'm also sad we only got to stay a couple of days. I'm sad Jeremy didn't get to see the look on Cassidee's face when we got ready to get in the boat.

I'm guessing we are going to have to take a trip back down there soon!

Is that okay, Memaw and Grandad???


Jodi said...

Oh my word, what a big girl! And looks like loads of fun at the lake too! :)

Can't wait to see you guys!

Aric and Amber said...

I love the double pigtails with bows! So grown up

The Blakes said...

Camille says Cassidee is a little darling and she loves her. She also loves you (Kendra) and she wants you to get By the way, I say that Cassidee is a great little student. Brilliant!

Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

That first day of school is already hard - on everybody! She looks so big.