Friday, June 27, 2008

We've really missed Daddy!

I sure hope that Jeremy doesn't expect Cassidee and I to just sit at home while he is gone out of town for a whole week, cause we sure didn't! Jeremy has been the "nurse" out at Camp Deer Run all week so Cassidee and I decided to have our own fun while he was gone.
He left last Saturday so she and I packed up and headed to my parents house. There is never a dull moment there, and this is what I found Cassidee doing one time that went looking for her......
Standing in the back of my dad's truck, wearing nothing but a diaper and a hat, and putting china berries in empty shotgun shells. All two year olds do that, right???

My mom came out and asked Cassidee what she was playing with. She replied, "pick-ums." We asked her over and over and that's what she said every time. I guess since you pick china berries off a tree then they are "pick-ums" to her. We cracked up at the name she gave them!

Then, there is nothing like a good running race through the living room with Grandaddy. She squats down like she is in the picture and says, "Ready, (sometimes she says "set"), and then, Go!" They'd run into the kitchen. Turn around. Run back into the living room. Repeat X 100! (video at the bottom of the post that's funny watching her do it.....)

I don't have any pictures for some reason--wish I did--but Wednesday Becky was super nice and drove us out to camp to see Jeremy. It was so sweet watching Cassidee run to see Jeremy. She was super excited and had a ball the entire time we were out there. She cried and cried when we left and kept saying that daddy was supposed to come with us. It broke my heart---she has talked about him every day and wondered why he was working so much. She kept thinking he was just at the fire station. She is going to be thrilled when he comes home this afternoon!

On Thursday after school we decided that it would be too boring to just go home and take a nap, despite how tired we both had been from a looooong week. We decided it would be way more fun to put on our swimmy suits and go to the waterpark with Reagan and Reagan's cousins Adley and Corbin.
These sweet friends really miss each other when they are not together! They had a good little game of running in and out of the water......didn't look super fun to me, but then again, I'm not 2!
Taking a little rest.
Snack break!
Sweet Adley played with Cassidee for a few minutes before it was time to leave.
Back at the Gray's house---Cassidee gave Reagan her birthday present since we wouldn't see her on her actual birthday.
Princesses--of course!!!
Minnie Mouse bowl and cup---Cass has one and thinks she and her friends always have to have matching things!

This is the video of Cassidee racing my dad. It's dark and not terribly exciting, but I thought it was funny watching her crouch down and say go and then laugh hysterically at my dad!


Melanie said...

So cute! Your dad pretending to run into the wall is pretty funny too!

allyo said...

Cute! I love that little track star and how she had to look at the camera each time she passed. I saw some pictures of you and that cute belly. Looking forward to meeting Cason!