Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm sooooo behind.....

....which is so obvious since this picture is three weeks old! This was a cute picture of Hayden and Cassidee taken on the way to the Aquarium in Dallas. I'm not even bothering to put any others from that day since everyone else already has and mine didn't turn out that great anyway!

So much has gone on in the past couple of weeks that I feel like I would have a ten page post, so I'll leave you with some pics of Cass and Jeremy painting together this week. She LOVES that she gets to stay home with her daddy 2 or 3 days a week. They have so much fun and he does some fun stuff with her. I know that he takes her to the park and to see the animals at Cabellas. He is also a great sport when she wants to hang out and paint!

Cheese! (That's the "stop taking my picture" face!)

I thought it was really cute that Jeremy looked at me and said, "Can I paint her face?" Um, hello---she's your daughter too. Be a big boy and make a decision yourself. She didn't even ask him to, but she sat really still while he created his masterpiece on her cheek---a sun.

Cutie little girl! And, by the way, the blue paint stained her nose for a little while.....just an FYI for any other dads that want to paint their kids faces.....

****SHOUT OUT****
Thank you to Amie for introducing me to corn nuggets at Chicken Express today. Not only have I NOT stopped thinking about them, but I went back after I dropped you off at home....yes, I'm telling the truth....and bought more. A little piece of Heaven in one little bite! Go get ya some if you've never tried them! (Green for you, Amie!!!)
*******Random info for anyone who cares********
I sincerely appreciate all the comments I received from everyone about Cason's bedding and decorating his room. UNFORTUNATELY, after seeing the bedding in person (we had decided to get it after only seeing it online---big mistake) we don't love it after all. Jeremy and I spent an hour in PBK tonight and decided that we won't get that bedding after all. We still like the idea of something navy and possibly stripes, so here is my new question to everyon:
Where in the world do I look for bedding?
I am good with Pottery Barn pricing. I don't want to pay a fortune for custom bedding. I've looked at Target, Land of Nod, Babies R Us, and somewhere else that I can't remember and don't love anything......where else should I look????


Rick & Shara said...

Have you looked at Gap's baby bedding? I looked the other day, random I know, but I can't remember what they had. I am not sure where else you could look. I will try searching around for you.

Rachel said...

Cute header! Who did it? And I love the paint pictures, as well as corn nuggets. Yum.

Tracy said...

I got Bryson's bedding at Canton. A lady makes very cute bedding there...and it wasn't very expensive. She is in one of the main Arbors...Amie probably knows what I'm talking about.
One of my friends used this lady too and it turned out really cute. Also, there is a link on Krystal M's blog of a girl that makes really cute bedding.

Cara said...

I know someone who makes bedding:)