Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I can't believe she is big enough.....

Cassidee had her very first night of gymnastics on this past Monday. I don't know why that almost makes me tear up. She is just getting way too big, I guess. She'll be with the Tiny Tots until she turns 3 and then she'll be in Kidz Gym and I won't have to stay with her the whole time. I can just "drop her off." She was soo, sooo, soooooo proud to put on her "nim-nastics suit" at home and was anxious to go all day. She was all smiles and not nervous at all.
Here she is (not so) patiently waiting for her group to be called.

We are so lucky to be doing this with her sweet friends Camille and Olivia. Cass and Olivia are in the same group, so that is an added bonus. Cutie Camille does her gymnastics at the same time, so we got to watch her sometimes too.

Jumping on the trampoline---one of her favorite things!

Stretching in the music circle!

Playing in the block pit. Olivia is to Cassidee's left in the cute blue and green leo. Unknown boy in front of them! :) I think they liked this part. They got to swing on a rope and fall into this block pit!

Here is a video of Cass swinging on the rope. Her coach/teacher is Miss Jenn. And yes, she is pretty pregnant. I wonder how much longer she'll be our teacher??!!

Why do they have to grow up so fast? It's sad, but it's fun too!!!


Bunch of Oranges said...

I want to swing on that rope over those fun blocks? :)

Amber said...

Love those big girl braids!

jennifer said...

She does look all grown up! How fun!

Ashley said...

So fun and grown up. Carley does dance and gymnastics combo class and it is so cute. Such girly gils we have!

allyo said...

So cute and so much fun! I almost teared up thinking about Camden starting gymnastics. Give her a hug from us. Looking forward to UTAH!!

Cheryl said...

She looks so proud in the second picture. What a big girl. Love the pig tails!

The Blakes said...

Can't wait for tonight. That was and is so much fun!