Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A post about my boys!

I'm so far behind in posting! Cason turned 6 months old so long ago that I should just wait and post about him turning 7 months. Oh well! Here are his 6 month pictures......
With the monkey of course. (Jeremy happened to ask me what the monkey's name was. Um, the tag says "Mambo." He said that wasn't manly enough, so we're still searching for a monkey name.....any suggestions?)

And with the UT football!

Cassidee said she wanted her 6 month picture taken.....I didn't have the heart to tell her it was more like her 34 month picture, but whatever!

A few outtakes....
When I put the monkey by Cason he either:
puts him in a head-lock

or eats him! Poor monkey!

This is what happens when daddy tells Cassidee that she can't be in anymore pictures until she puts more clothes on.....she didn't like that answer.

And now, I'm onto another "post" that I'm behind on. Saturday was Jeremy's birthday. It wasn't a super significant birthday, unless you count his last birthday in his 20's significant. We had a great birthday weekend. We went to Galveston on Friday, spent most of the day there Saturday, went to Houston to see some of our FAVORITE PEOPLE on Saturday evening, and back home Saturday night. Of course your birthday isn't complete without a party. Sunday after church we had a yummy lunch with friends that included a birthday cake picked out by Cassidee! We even went to a Japanese Steakhouse for supper with our other FAVORITE FRIENDS! It was a fun weekend!!
So, Happy 29th Birthday Jeremy David Broom! I hope you had a great day!
( I felt the need to include an actual picture of Jeremy since the b-day post was about him, and this is the one I found first. Not the best picture, but I know that we were having fun when it was taken, so that's most important, right? )


Bunch of Oranges said...

Love Cassidee's nakedness! What a sweet person! Glad ya'll had a great day! Happy 29th Broom!

Cara said...

Happy birthday Jeremy!! I love the new blog!

Jodi said...

OK, HOW CRAPPY DO I FEEL that I had no idea Saturday was his birthday!!!!! Seriously, next time tell me! Happy Birthday Jeremy... from your friend who hung out with you and so rudely never said it to you!

Christy said...

I can't believe how much Cason looks like Jeremy. He's getting so big!!! Hopefully we can see yall in person soon!!! Love you!

And Happy Birthday Jeremy!!! I forgot that the end of January was half of the "old youth group" at AF's birthday!!!