Thursday, January 08, 2009

This is a life saver!!!! You'll want one too!!!!

Thank you to good friend Amie for showing me one of the coolest websites out there right now!!!
Go HERE and you'll see what I'm talking about!

When I first began blogging I realized that the stories I was telling about our family and the pictures were posting were really just an extension of Cassidee's baby book and what I was writing in there for her. I began printing out the posts that I had done and after hundreds of sheets of paper and one big 2" binder full, I realized I've only actually printed up to when Cassidee was about 9 months old.....Yes, I'm behind. With no foreseen time in the future, I figured that nothing else would get printed.

I played around with this website for a little while and I now have one book ordered and am in the process of editing another. It's so great! You can delete posts, delete pictures, whatever you want almost. They have a picture limit, so I've broken my books down in roughly 6 month increments, but at only about $20 a book, it's not too bad. $40 a year for all my blogs that year isn't bad, right?

Check it out and let me know what you think.....if you have a better website that does this, let me know as well!!!


Judi said...

Yes, that is a neat site. There is also a site called Blurb, but it no longer allows Blogger to be "slurped" up. You have to copy and paste - but they have a lot more designs you can use.

Chris & Amanda said...

Blurb is great! Although this one takes less time :)

Jodi said...

I am all about less time! I looked at Blurb, but it wasn't this inexpensive! So, I am pumped about it! If I ever find the time to do it....