Thursday, August 06, 2009

We Saw Chickasaw!

On Tuesday we took a random and impromptu road trip with my parents to Oklahoma. Growing up, my family would go camping at Chickasaw National Park....which is where my mom camped when she was growing up. Jeremy had never been there, and obviously our kids hadn't either, so my mom had a great time showing them all the fun stuff we do there. We didn't get to spend the night, but we had a great time walking thru the creeks, playing in the spring water (which is freezing!), jumping off of and climbing up water falls, and eating a picnic lunch. The kids loved it and Jeremy has already said that we will go camping there next summer! Thanks mom and dad for the fun day trip!


Anonymous said...

Kendra - That is awesome! My grandparents live in Sulphur and I played there ALL the time growing up...I can't wait to take Jed! Your kiddos are such cuties! Hope we get to meet them sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

how fun, its always nice to do spur of the moment trips. Becky

allyo said...

Looks like you had lots of fun!

What is the name of Jeremy's bounce house business? I want to rent one of the big slides that come down into a pool of water for Camden's birthday. Does he have anything like that?

cassi rash said...

What a fun little road trip. Great pictures!